June 14th - 15th, 2013 provided exceptional conditions on the Dalton Highway in Northern Alaska, in what is typically a muddy dirt road. These conditions allowed me to ride from the Brooks Range Supply (NAPA) building in Prudhoe Bay to the Tesoro station at 99 College Road in Fairbanks in a total elapsed time of just 6 hours, 37 minutes.

This ride is documented with accurate receipts from Prudhoe, Coldfoot and Fairbanks, and was done on a 2013 BMW R1200GSA with Metzler Tourance tires. This is, as far as I'm aware, a time record for crossing this specific route on a motorcycle.

The remainder of my Ultimate Coast to Coast (UCC) record attempt of riding from Prudhoe Bay, AK to Key West, FL ahead of the existing time of 86 Hours, 31 Minutes remains a magnificent failure, leaving me no choice but to try again.

Custom R1200GSA / Yamaha Super Tenere Fuel Cell - Gravity Feed

Custom R1200GS Fuel Cell - Pump Feed

IBA Rides Completed

SS1K # 1

SS1K # 2  (In-County SS1K)

BBG #1

BBG #2

BBG #3  (In-State BBG)

BBG #4

Trifecta #1

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